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March 1, 2002

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Mayor’s Message 2nd Quarter 2002

The next three months will be a time of change. Some will be easy to notice while others, although important, will not be as visible. It just happens that several of them are coming together at the same time.

Our newly formed “Grant Committee” has submitted a Rural Development grant application for improvement of two troublesome intersections, E. St. Francis at the River Road and N. LaBauve at Allene. Both will be widened as much as possible to make turning easier and safer.

We will be making several changes to the Book of Ordinances. The “Personnel” Chapter has been rewritten to update the Town’s policies on leave, vacations, holidays, etc.. The policy relative to use of Town vehicles has been updated and could be changed during this time period. The Zoning ordinance has been rewritten to reflect where we are today with land usage with an eye on where we are going. It is a major effort that will require public input to make it right. In fact, all the changes mentioned require a public hearing before enactment, so give us your input.

You will read in this addition of “Front and Back” about the Cleanest City Contest. Please help us with this effort. Let’s show others what we already know, that Brusly is a great place to call home.

Cleanest City Contest Participation Announced

Plans are being developed for the Town of Brusly’s participation in competition for the “Cleanest City” designation in a contest sponsored by the Louisiana Garden Club Federation. Brusly is in District VI of the state for the district judging which will take place April 19, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

During the next few weeks, the Town’s maintenance crew will target areas along the highway and public streets where weeds and litter need to be cleared. All Town residents are encouraged to participate by sprucing up yards and property as public areas are addressed by the maintenance department.

Judges will be focused on public buildings and areas, including schools, churches, cemeteries, parks, Police and Fire stations, Post Office and Town Hall. We are scheduling a Town “Clean Up Day” for Saturday, April 6 when individuals and groups will join in a cooperative effort to get our community ready before the judges come to town. If you need assistance, please contact Ronda Perrault or Joanne Bourgeois so that these efforts can be coordinated. Perhaps you are a senior citizen or a disabled individual who needs assistance with weed pulling, hauling trash to the road or other such tasks. In order to offer the assistance needed, we are especially interested in help from students who may need service hours as part of school requirements. Those and others who wish to serve should call the Brusly Town Hall at 749-2909 to register their names.

Fire Department News

Please join the Fire Department in welcoming the two newest members.

  • Mark LeBlanc is a Brusly resident who has numerous years on the Dow Chemical fire brigade. He brings a lot of experience to the department.
  • Scott Rodrigue is a Brusly district resident who also is extensively trained through Dow Chemical.

Both Mark and Scott are certified E.M.T.s, so they are also no strangers to the medical side of the Fire Department. Welcome!

Residents are also reminded of the requirements for the burning of trash and other materials, according to Chapter 11, Article B, Sec. 11.21 of the Ordinances of the Town of Brusly.

All burning of trash, grass, leaves, brush or debris is permitted provided that

  • it is not left unattended;
  • the fire does not create a nuisance by permitting smoke or noxious odors to encroach upon any other person in the area;
  • there is a water hose or other means of extinguishment nearby in the event that rapid extinguishment is necessary; and
  • the fire poses no threat to property, buildings, animals or individuals.

Please call the department at 749-3233 Monday-Friday to alert them of your intent to burn. Copies of the ordinance can be obtained at 154 East St. Francis, behind the Town Hall.

The department would also like to notify residents that Elaine Street has been established as the designated training and testing grounds for the department. The street will be closed from West St. Francis to Station #2 during training and testing. The training nights are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month.

From The Chief Of Police

Chief Worley has asked that all citizens be reminded that anyone caught riding 4-wheelers, 3-wheelers and other such off-road vehicles on the town’s streets will be ticketed (excluding police dept. vehicles). He reminds citizens that the policy of leniency for hunters during hunting season has ended. Please heed this warning!

On weekdays between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, the telephone number for the police department is 749-2970. After 4:30 pm and on the week-ends, the number is 749-2980 or 343-9234. So that we may serve you more effectively, please make a note of these numbers. In any emergency, dial 911.

Promotions in the Department:

  • Officer Jonathan Lefeaux to Corporal

Commendations in the Department:

  • Officer Persinger for arrest of a murder suspect
    Officer Viator for assistance to Addis in apprehension of a fleeing suspect

BFI Pick-up Information

With the scheduling of our April 6th trash pick-up and clean-up day for the Cleanest City Contest, I contacted BFI to “talk trashy”. The following information should help to safely get rid of those articles being cleaned out of garages, storage sheds, homes, etc.

  • Brush pick up is the 1st Thursday of the month
  • Refrigerator/appliance pick up is the 1st Thursday of the month
  • If you have large appliances or furniture, it is best to call BFI before the pick up date to notify them of your address and the item to be removed.
  • Place your items out the night before the pick up day.
  • Place your items as close to the curb as possible and out in the open, NOT under trees, power lines, near mailboxes or fences. A truck with a claw is used to pick up these items and it can cause problems or do damage.
  • NO concrete pick up is provided.
  • Items such as carpet, flooring and standard tires without rims are allowed.
  • Paint must be solid (leave the lid off and add cat litter, dirt or sand)
  • Recycling pick up is:
    • Monday on the Westside of Hwy. 1
    • Thursday on the Eastside of Hwy. 1

The number to contact customer service at BFI is 778-3800. They have graciously re-scheduled the usual 1st Thursday brush/appliance pick up to the 2nd Thursday in April to accommodate our clean-up day. Please keep in mind the information above when doing your cleaning for the Cleanest City Contest. Should you have any questions, problems or concerns, please contact the town hall at 749-2909. If you require assistance in your clean up, we have volunteers from the Lions Club, KC’s and some local high school students available. Please contact Mrs. Bourgeois or Mrs. Perrault for this assistance.

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