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June 1, 2002

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Mayor’s Message 3rd Quarter 2002

Congratulations! You did it again. Brusly showed why it is a great place to live with two major achievements. You will read later in the “Front and Back” about our District VI and State Cleanest City wins. We also received the “Pride of West Baton Rouge” award from the Chamber of Commerce for our Centennial Celebration. Both awards are a tribute to the citizens. It took teamwork to pull it off. We all should be proud of ourselves and of our Town. We realize that traffic is a major concern of most of you, especially with all the development on the horizon. We have been working for months on potential solutions. We expect to have specific recommendations in the near future for the Council’s consideration. In addition, transportation has been identified as a major objective of the West Baton Rouge Strategic Plan now being developed. Public input will be part of that process. As always, we need your input and help to reach the best solution for everyone.

Brusly Receives Cleanest City Awards

clean_city_bannerClean City Banner Hats off to everyone for the wonderful work in getting Brusly ready for District and State judging in Cleanest City Competition. One aim of the competition is “to instill civic pride in the individual citizens and thus, improve the appearance of the towns and cities.” We certainly saw evidence of that in Brusly during the past few months. Everyone is to be commended for the great efforts to make our Town look so great. The Maintenance crew put in many long hours doing their regular tasks and also giving extra attention to special problem areas. Police and Fire Department staff pitched in to do whatever they were asked to assist in the overall cleanup process.

Our Town’s entry in the contest was sponsored by the West Baton Rouge Garden and Civic Association, so we are especially grateful to their group for their support and for planting and nurturing flowers in the kettle in the plaza outside the Town Hall. Thanks to them also for refreshments and serving as hostesses during the competition days. We are grateful also to Landscaping & More for creating the planter near the Back Brusly Oak tree and arranging the plants there. Thanks to Westside Landscape and to L & T Signs for their assistance and contributions.

As part of the competition we had to create a scrapbook for the judges to evaluate. Our thanks to St. John the Baptist Knights of Columbus Council for providing pictures and for freshening up the plants near the Town markers. Thanks also to Brusly Middle 6th Grade 4 H members and their leader for pictures of cleanup efforts on their campus and to Brusly Elementary faculty and staff for their pictures and their “up close and personal” greetings to the State Judging committee as we took them on the route to judge.

Thanks to Lukeville Upper Elementary students for the signs which they designed to be placed in strategic spots along the route; the judges were impressed by the involvement of young people in our community. Our teams of judges were able to travel the route together, along with Town officials, thanks to the van from the Tourist Commission and the driver, George White.

On both occasions for judging, the panel immediately noticed the flags flying high as they approached the Town limits and commented on that sight as soon as they reached the Town Hall. Thanks to the WBR Parish Sheriff’s Office for providing inmates to raise the flags and to lower them and thanks also to the organizers of the project for such a wonderful asset to our community.

So many people helped from behind the scenes that it is impossible to mention all names. If there are omissions in our list above, it is certainly not intentional. Everyone in Town can feel a sense of pride in knowing that we live in a special place and are happy that others have come to realize that fact also.

Fire Dept. News

Since the Brusly Volunteer Fire Department has already answered 14 kitchen fires thus far in 2002, this seems to be a timely opportunity to review safe cooking practices.

  1. NEVER leave an unattended pot on the stove for even a couple of minutes.
  2. When frying in a pan or a Fry Daddy, be sure to remove the pan from the heat source or unplug the Fry Daddy.
  3. ALWAYS have a fully charged Class B Fire Extinguisher within 10 feet of the stove. If the fire is too large to fight with the extinguisher, call 911, leave the house and meet at a predetermined place outside.
  4. In the event of a fire, DO NOT REENTER the house once you have left.
  5. Hood vents should be periodically cleaned and checked to prevent vent fires.
  6. NEVER store combustibles near the cooking surface of the stove.
  7. ALWAYS check burner controls before leaving the house.
  8. Periodically check kitchen appliance cords for frayed spots or burned areas.

Further facts about kitchen fires:

  • A kitchen fire can double in size every 60 seconds;
  • Keeping a fire extinguisher within 10 feet of the stove provides a safe enough distance to determine whether you should fight the fire or not;
  • Most injuries and deaths to family members occur when they reenter the house after leaving; (Brusly Fire Department’s average response time is 4-6 minutes once an alarm is received. Members are well trained to deal with the trapped or injured family member.)
  • A forgotten dishtowel, roll of paper towels, cleaning fluids or other combustibles can quickly ignite and cause serious damage to the surrounding area.
  • Electric stoves have a history of accidentally being left on. Always check this type of stove before leaving home;
  • Not only are damaged electrical cords sources of fire, they are also electrical shock hazards.

July 4th Safety Reminders

  • Use fireworks under close adult supervision.
  • DO NOT aim propelled fireworks towards people, houses, cars or animals. Dry grass and weeds can turn a day of pleasure into a really bad experience.
  • Store fireworks in a cool, dry place away from any heat source.

The Brusly Fire Dept. has responded to 150 emergencies as of the date of this newsletter. This is a substantial increase from last year’s 105 calls. The District is growing quickly and we would invite anyone wishing to join our membership to respond by calling 749-3233. Our training is stringent and thorough, but is also very rewarding in generating the ability to save lives and property. If you have any questions or concerns about fire safety or safety in general, please call Monday-Friday between 7am-5pm. Someone will be available to answers questions or provide help.

Welcome to our newest firefighter trainee and EMS responder ERIC KULCKE. Eric is a quick responder who lives near Station #1. Also welcome back to MIKE OUBRE who is an outstanding firefighter with over ten years experience. Mike is highly trained to deal with Hazardous Materials.

Diabetes Awareness Classes

The Diabetes Education Awareness Recommendations (DEAR) Program will be presented by Ann Wegenhoft, Home Economist with the LSU Extension Service. The DEAR Program is a series of classes that will be presented the first Thursday of each month starting June 6 and ending December 5, 2002. Classes begin at 9:30 at the WBRP Health Unit. You are not required to attend all six classes. Topics include diabetes awareness and risks, dietary guidelines, healthy meal guidance, meal preparation and planning, exercise, footcare and complications. The suggested audiences for these classes include people at risk for developing diabetes, Type 2 diabetics and caregivers of diabetics. To register or for more information, call 342-7525. Blood sugar screens are completed on the first Thursday of the month at the WBRP Health Unit. An appointment is required and can be scheduled by calling 342-7525.

From The Chief Of Police

Chief Worley has asked that all citizens be reminded that school is out and we all need to be on the lookout for walkers and bike riders. Walkers should always walk on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic. Wearing reflective clothing before or after daylight is a must. If you are unsure of the “rules of the road” in regard to bikes or for further information, please call the police department at 749-2980.

New face on the force: Please welcome our newest police officer in Brusly. He is Sean Donahue, formerly of the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Department. Sean has been in law enforcement since 1996. Take time to introduce yourself and make him feel welcome.

Commendations in the Dept: Corporal Jonathan Lefeaux was voted “Officer of the Year” by his fellow police officers. A presentation was made during the May 13th meeting.

South End Civic Center?

Mayor Joey Normand and Council Member “Fish” Kershaw recently attended a meeting to discuss the possibility of locating a civic center at the Whirlpool warehouse on Highway 1, located immediately north of Addis Athletics. They learned that the building, owned by the parish, is larger than the Port Allen Community Center and sits on more than two acres of property. A tour of the facility preceded a discussion about the details. Anyone wishing to give his or her opinion on this proposal should contact the Town Hall.

Planning & Zoning Report

During the past months several developments have taken place with Planning & Zoning.

The final plat for J. A. Sarradet, Sr. Subdivision has been filed and recorded in the official records of the Clerk of Court. This is an addition of 10 lots on the North side of Allene Street.

During the May 22nd meeting, a public hearing was held on the preliminary plat of the proposed Orleans Quarters Subdivision to be located off N. LaBauve Road. Also, a public hearing was held on the revised preliminary plat of Brusly Oaks development as well as on the subdivision of property between the Bourgeois family and Calvin Straub.

If you missed the opportunity to express your opinion, please be aware that all public hearing notices are posted in the official journal of the Town of Brusly, which is the West Side Journal. In addition, a notice is posted in the Brusly post office and there is a calendar on the back of this newsletter that can be cut out and kept for future reference to all meetings that are of importance to the citizens of Brusly. Please become actively involved in the decision-making processes of your local government.

BFI Update

In the last newsletter, one item regarding BFI pick-up was in error. BFI will NOT accept tires of any type. Butch Leger (maintenance supervisor) contacted a local recycling firm and they have agreed to pick up tires. If you will drop off your waste tires at the maintenance building, the recycling firm will be notified. Please stack them neatly and out of the way.

Butch and the maintenance crew want to thank all the citizens for their help in getting the town ready for Cleanest City judging. Also a reminder to citizens NOT to put trash, limbs, branches, etc. into the ditches as this could cause drainage problems if it rains before they are picked up.

August is the month to recycle your telephone books. The bin will again be put out for your convenience. No garbage or recyclables pick-up on Thursday, July 4th and Monday, September 2nd. However, brush pick up scheduled for Thursday, July 4th will take place. Please mark your calendars.

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