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January 1, 2003

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Mayor’s Message

Bids will be opened in late March for the overlay and repair project of LA Hwy 1 and construction is scheduled to start soon afterwards. When I heard that the LA Hwy 1 project was coming, I thought it would be great if we could make real turning lanes out of the shoulders now being used as turning lanes at the two red lights. I asked DOTD what we had to do to get turning lanes. To my surprise, they said all we had to do was ask. We asked, so turning lanes are now part of the project. As a bonus, I asked for two turning lanes at the high school. They said “yes” to that also! This project and the widening of West St. Francis, including the widening of the railroad crossing, are two big improvements coming to aid traffic flow. Of course, the accompanying inconvenience comes with it, but the results will be worth the temporary inconveniences!

One of our two major residential developments, Orleans Quarters, has received final approval and is now open. Our major development, Brusly Oaks, will be completed soon, assuming the weather cooperates. Construction will be starting very soon in the commercial phase of that development.

Between 25 and 30 residential properties will soon be improved with the conclusion of the first phase of our culvert program. We will start earlier next fall and hope to complete more next year. If you haven’t signed up for next year’s program, call the Town Hall for details.

Starting April 1, 2003, your sewer rates will increase. We are doing this to assure the system remains healthy and solvent. We trust you will understand. Realizing that no one likes a rate increase, we felt this was needed to prevent future deficits in the sewer fund. We do not like charging more, but it is something we need to do. If you want details on why or how much, please call the Town Hall for assistance.

We have many exciting things happening this spring in our Town and look forward to your participation and continued efforts to make Brusly a great place to call home.

Cleanest City Contest

We are asking Brusly residents to once again participate in the Town of Brusly’s efforts to win “Cleanest City” title this year. Your efforts and your cooperation last year enabled us to favorably impress the judges and to win district and state competition. Judging this year will take place on Monday, April 7th. While the maintenance department will work to clean the public areas in town, we are hoping that residents will make special efforts to make their homes and lawns “prize winning.” Please mark the weekend of April 5th for your final clean-up touches.

The West Baton Rouge Garden and Civic Club is sponsoring the Town of Brusly’s entry in the contest sponsored by the Louisiana Garden Club Federation.

Brush pick-up for large tree limbs, bush trimmings, yard waste, etc. is scheduled for the first Thursday on each month. At that time BFI will also dispose of your old appliances that are put out. Thursday, April 3rd will be the final date to have those large items and brush removed by BFI before judging on the following Monday, so plan accordingly. If you have any questions at all, please contact Butch at the Town Hall for assistance.

Town Receives a Perfect Score

The Federal Government visited the Town Hall and performed a Compliance Review on March 6, 2003. Ms Janice Townson of the U.S. Department of Agriculture examined the personnel and hiring practices, services provided and population served by our Town government in a detailed interview with Town Clerk Jules Lefeaux. She also checked our provisions and facilities to serve the handicapped. The policies and equal opportunity of the Town and its Police Department resulted in a perfect score on the Compliance Review!

Examples of the in-depth questions are: Is the racial makeup of the employees in proportion to the population? Are your facilities and programs accessible to persons of all races and the handicapped? Are all persons required to pay the same fees and assessments? Since these and dozens more could be answered “yes” our officials should be congratulated!

Read Across America

Mayor Joey Normand and Council Members Joanne Bourgeois and Ronda Perrault visited classrooms at Brusly Elementary School on Wednesday, February 26th to read to students. The Town officials and others were invited to read a Dr. Seuss book in observation of the author’s birthday. It was a rewarding experience for those who participated.

Fire Department News

The Fire Department has secured bid packages on the new 2003 Ford F-550 Minipumper/service unit. The award of contract to begin construction on the truck recently took place at a special meeting held Monday, March 10th. The addition of this piece of apparatus will substantially update our entire fleet. We are proud of this apparatus as it makes us better suited to respond to wrecks, house fires and vehicle fires.

We are also proud of the extensive training the Volunteers have committed to. Each volunteer has committed to becoming HazMat Awareness Level certified. This helps address response capabilities to hazardous materials calls (trucks, trains, planes and boats). This also steps up our capability to respond to incidents involving biological, chemical and nuclear substances.

The pre-planning of commercial buildings has begun. The recent incidents in Rhode Island and Chicago have increased public concern for large assembly buildings, such as nightclubs, churches and schools. We are addressing those concerns with the implementation of these pre-plans.

Our newsletter to the public will be in the mail within the next few weeks. The newsletter gives you, the taxpaying public, lots of information about what’s going on in the Fire Department.

Fire Safety Points for Springtime

  1. Store gasoline cans away from open flames, heaters and water heaters.
  2. Gas water heaters in garages and store rooms should be mounted 2 feet above floor level. This substantially reduces, if not eliminates, fire hazards from lawnmower gas tanks, gas can fumes and the like.
  3. Keep children away during lawn mowing operations. Remember the tragedy of the Space Shuttle incident and the debris. This will become projectile hazards if a lawnmower encounters it. Take a few extra minutes to survey tall grass for such debris and any other obstacles that might pose a problem.
  4. Remember to check smoke detectors twice a year and change the batters once a year.


IRS and LA state tax forms are available at the Town Hall.

Eatel Tri-Parish West Bank phone books and West Baton Rouge Area Directories are available at the Town Hall.

Police Department News

Please welcome our newest police officer, Dexter Walker. He joined the Police Department in January. If you encounter Officer Walker, please introduce yourself and make him feel welcome.

How Are We Doin’?

We would like to hear from you about the many things going on in our Town. Please log onto the website at and let us know your opinion (positive or negative). We welcome any questions or comments you might have for us.

We also extend an open invitation for you to attend the committee and council meetings on the 1st and 2nd Mondays of each month. Your input is a vital part of the Town providing the necessary services for its citizens.

With the upcoming parish elections, we hope to give you an opportunity to “Meet the Candidates.” More on that later.

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