Town of Brusly

Cleanest City Essay and Poster Contests

April 20, 2004

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These are 8th grade students at Brusly Middle School who were winners in the Town of Brusly Cleanest City Essay and Poster contests.

Essay Contest Winners:
1st – Taylor Robnett
2nd – Kristi Guerin
3rd – Kaila Martin

Poster Winners:
1st – Kelsey Gauthe
2nd – Megan Robnett
3rd – Jaime Mack

Students were encouraged by their reading teacher, Toni C. Bouvier, and their art teacher, Christie Williams, to participate in the contests.

They are shown with Councilwoman Joanne Bourgeois, Cleanest City Chairman, and Brusly Mayor Joey Normand.

  • Students, left to right are: Megan Robnett, Kristi Guerin, Kaila Martin, Jaime Mack, Kelsey Gauthe and Taylor RobnettStudents, left to right are: Megan Robnett, Kristi Guerin, Kaila Martin, Jaime Mack, Kelsey Gauthe and Taylor Robnett
  • First Place PosterFirst Place Poster
  • Second Place PosterSecond Place Poster
  • Third Place PosterThird Place Poster

First Place Essay

I’ve been living in Brusly all my life and I get mad when I see litter along the streets of this town. It tells me that some people are lazy or don’t care about the way this town looks. I want people to think that this is a nice, clean, quiet, little town. The perfect place to live.

An easy way to keep this town clean would be to have people pick it up. It could be like jury duty. Just call someone up and say that they have trash duty and should meet at so and so to meet the other people who were called. It wouldn’t be that hard. You can’t have prisoners do everything. You can do some volunteer work.

I get a sense of pride when this town is clean. It’s like saying, “Look at how clean our town is.” I also think it makes people want to live here, where people are committed to keeping their town clean.

Second Place Essay

When I see litter in my town it makes me want to clean it up. I think that people shouldn’t litter because it puts a bad impression on others. When people see our town they should like what they see.

To help keep my town clean we could get a group of people to pick up trash. We can have more trash cans for people to use. We could also make a cleaning committee for the town. Instead of throwing trash on the ground we should find a trash can.

When people see our town then they may see the pride that we have and think it is a nice place to live. When you live in a clean environment you feel good about yourself. You need to have a good attitude toward your town and belongings, and take care of them.

Third Place Essay

When I see litter in my town, I feel ashamed to live in it. I don’t want people who aren’t from around my town to get the wrong idea about where I live. I would like everyone to be able to say that my town is clean.

To keep my town clean, I could start some type of litter club with children around my town. The club and I could go around town and pick up the trash. We could also plant flowers and trees in some areas with the approval of the town offices. Our town would look great.

If my town was clean I would be proud to live in it. People who aren’t from around my town would know that my town takes pride in where they live. They would feel comfortable in the area because when the town is clean it shows the people in it care and people that care are good people.


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