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December 1, 2006

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Mayor’s Message

The long rumored and long anticipated opening of Wal-Mart has finally happened. Addis recently celebrated the opening of the Dow Westside YMCA. Both are affirmations of the obvious, our area is in a growth spurt unprecedented in our Parish. Newly developed subdivisions are selling out before building begins. I frequently attend functions where businesses one would only dream about are considering our area for location. It’s all good, right? Well, maybe not. As we grow, the impact of our growth places a burden on services we once took for granted. Our school system is the foundation of our growth. Without it, we would lag behind as other areas do. But schools aren’t free and our growth places pressure on that system. Services, such as water, gas, sewage treatment, fire protection, law enforcement and others are all being pressured by our growth and prosperity. We should expect, and should not be surprised, to hear that the cost of all these services will rise. We in government will try to manage that as part of managing growth. We can do that best by getting your input. We should all be thankful for the prosperity we enjoy, but we should not be naive enough to believe it is free. Let’s all get our heads together and do what’s right and keep the West Side the Best Side!

Weeds, Junk and Nuisances

The Brusly Town Council recently made changes to the “Weeds” and “Junk” ordinances. The most obvious change is in the name. The two ordinances were combined into one, which is now titled “Nuisances”.

Besides the name change, the change in substance is also noteworthy. Henceforth, enforcement will be the responsibility of the police department. In order to bring about a consistent and uniform enforcement and to take advantage of the experience of a professional inspector, the police department has hired an experienced inspector whose sole responsibility will be enforcement of this ordinance. He will identify nuisances; violators will have five days to clean up the nuisance or appeal it to the Town Council. If not cleaned up and/or the appeal is unsuccessful, the Town will clean up the nuisance and bill the owner for the costs. It is hoped that the Town will be able to maintain its appearance with enforcement of this ordinance.

Culvert Program

One of the most popular programs the Town undertakes each year is the Culvert Program. This year another twenty-six residents will be participating in the program.

The Culvert Program permits the Town and the property owner to split the cost of the culverts installed in his/her ditch. The Town does the installation and the owner pays for the dirt. This program is a win-win for the Town and the residents. The Town maintenance is reduced and the roads are stabilized while the property owner enhances the property value and appearance of the property. The program continues to thrive as previous program participants tell their neighbors. If you wish to be reminded when next year’s enrollment period begins, call the Town Hall (749-2909) and we will notify you when enrollment opens.

Fire Dept News

The fire department is awaiting construction and delivery of the new 2006 Ferrera Invader Series Fire Apparatus. This is a state of the art truck. It will replace one of the older trucks in our fleet, moving a 1990 model truck from first due to reserve status.

The fire department is actively pursuing grants for the construction of a new fire station to replace Station #2 on Elaine Street. The requirements for insurance ratings have shown that Station #2 is too close to the other two fire stations and the fire district is not getting proper rating credit for this station because of poor station placement. Hopefully one of the grants will come through.

In other news, all businesses will be receiving their annual building inspections towards the end of the year. Please check your burn permits to make sure they have not expired. Remember, to burn in the fire sub-district, you must have a permit by the Fire Department and it must meet the requirements set forth in ordinance.

You can also have your CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY SEAT inspected at the main fire station at 154 East Saint Francis St. by appointment. Just call 749-3233 to set it up. Happy holidays to all and remember BUCKLE UP, IT’S THE LAW.

Brusly Book Project

The Town of Brusly is launching a book project to feature historic photos of people, places, events, etc. related to Brusly. The photos can be as old as the early 1900’s through the 1950’s. The book will basically feature photos, but will include descriptions of who/what is pictured. Following the publication of our book, Brusly 1901 – 2001: A Place to Call Home, many people contacted us with other photos that have historic significance. We will accept pictures for the next two months, then begin organizing what has been gathered.

To submit photos, call the Brusly Town Hall @749-2909 for instructions.

Neighborhood Watch

We are in the process of activating a Neighborhood Watch Program in the Brusly area. Neighborhood Watch programs are the most effective means available for keeping crime out of neighborhoods. It relies on the best crime fighting tool ever invented, i.e. a good neighbor. Neighborhood Watch residents are not vigilantes nor are they asked to take risks to prevent crime. They are only expected to be extra “eyes & ears” for the Brusly Police Department.

Chief Whaley respectfully requests your assistance in helping to keep crime down and making our community a better place in which to live. Please make every effort to attend a meeting on December 7th at 7:00 at the Town Hall. If you should have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to give him a call at 749-2980.

Proposed Brusly Historic District

When people think of historic preservation or historic architecture they tend to imagine saving the “Colonial period farmhouse or Victorian style row house” with restrictions on additions, demolition, color, etc.

The Brusly Historic District Study committee is interested in preserving our “recent past” which includes buildings and structures from the twentieth century, providing a continuous thread to past lives and times. The area under consideration at this time includes most of what was originally known as “Molainsonville.”

Given the recent growth and interest of developers in our area, forming local historic districts can ensure that the vitality and qualities of the community are properly planned for, rather than left to chance.

The committee does not propose to prevent development or place restrictions on properties that would create hardships to the owners, but to have a Historic District Commission made up of local citizens who would act in a REVIEW AND ADVISORY capacity only.

Brusly residents who have agreed to serve on the Historic District Study Committee include Margaret Canella, Rose Jackson, Shirley Jordan, Jim Rills, Shane Sarradet and Arlene Triche; Marianne Berthelot serves as secretary to the committee. The next committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 9, 2007, at 6:30 p.m. at Brusly Town Hall.

From Chief Whaley

In recent months The Brusly Police Department has received numerous complaints involving the operation of all terrain vehicles on local streets and animals running at large.

All terrain vehicles are very popular in our area and will become more popular with the upcoming holidays and vacations from school. I would like to ask parents to speak with their children and explain the importance of not riding all terrain vehicles on our streets and not riding without permission on private property owned by someone else. It is illegal to do this, but legality aside, it is very dangerous. Improper operation of these vehicles and operation in improper places can lead to tragedy. All ordinances pertaining to all terrain vehicles can be found on the Town of Brusly Website. In upcoming months Brusly Police Department in conjunction with Brusly Fire Department will begin preparing a class for children involving all terrain vehicle safety.

As most of you know, we do have a leash law in West Baton Rouge Parish. We have had several incidents involving animals biting humans, animals biting animals and animals being hit by vehicles. We also have had several incidents involving dogs barking continuously at night. It is imperative that all animals be contained properly to prevent these incidents. Please review the Town ordinances on our website to become familiar with proper confinement of animals.

We have also had many problems with speeding on our local streets where the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. Speeding is also very dangerous not only for drivers but for children playing. We will be running radar and writing citations in the subdivisions.

Please remember that we are here to help. We provide applicant fingerprinting, vehicle unlocking services, jumpstarts, gunlocks, and many, many other services. Please feel free to call or visit with questions, concerns, or just to visit. It is our goal to be as community oriented in a positive way as possible. We would love to see and hear from you!

Please see Here for the Town of Brusly Ordinance Book

Christmas Wrapping Pick-up

Allied Waste will make an extra pick-up on Thursday, December 28th for Christmas wrapping. Please put your extra bags next to your garbage bin. NO DEBRIS!

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