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April 1, 2012

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From The Mayor

Having traveled to several countries, it is obvious that we take many things for granted in this Country, State, Parish and Town. One of those is good, clean, plentiful, cheap water. On a recent trip to China, one of the first things we were told was not to drink the water. In Greece, it just doesn’t rain, so water is precious. In Australia, there is an abundance of water just below the surface, but it is salt water. In Brusly and the surrounding area, our water is almost free from any minerals and is crystal clear. It is so abundant that chemical plants use it in their cooling towers and we sprinkle our grass and flowers with it. That is quite a luxury. However, there are people working for us who make that possible…people whom we often see, but who are rarely acknowledged for their work.

In West Baton Rouge, our water is provided through West Baton Rouge Water District; however, Brusly’s water is under the jurisdiction of District #2. Without most of you realizing it, our Water Board has quietly taken on a potentially big problem and proactively addressed it. When there were indications of salt water intrusion into our drinking water several years ago, your Water Board took action. Without a bond issue or an increase in rates, they have successfully drilled an additional well near the intracoastal canal, at a cost of three million dollars. This will ensure the same water quality and quantity we have always had and perhaps have taken for granted.

There have been many former and present members of the Water Board who have had a hand in making this happen. It started when Arlen Landry was Chairman, followed by Grayson Brewer, and is nearing completion with Jim Rills as Chairman. However, if any of your friends and neighbors have served, or are now serving, you might want to thank them for this great achievement and show appreciation for their public service.

Present Board Members: Chuck Prejean, Addie Crochet, Mary Williams, Phil Smith and Jim Rills.

Landmark And Heritage

The purpose of the Landmark and Heritage Commission is to provide a greater sense of relatedness and awareness of our heritage in the Town of Brusly by recognizing historic sites, encouraging historic preservation, and promoting development that will enhance the historic areas of the Town. The Landmark and Heritage Commission continues to accept and review applications for Town of Brusly Landmark Plaques. The structure or property must be at least 50 years old and must be in compliance with all Town of Brusly Ordinances. There is no fee for the plaque which is property of the Town of Brusly. Plaques are returned to the Town if the structure is demolished or abandoned.

Additional information is available online at or at Brusly Town Hall. Application forms are available at Brusly Town Hall.

The Landmark and Heritage Commission meets quarterly, beginning in January, on the 3rd Monday of the month. In addition to other business, applications are discussed and properties and/or sites which have previously been awarded Town of Brusly Landmark plaques are reviewed relative to compliance with Town of Brusly Ordinances.

There will be a ceremony at Brusly Town Hall on Sunday, May 20th, at noon, to award plaques to properties which were approved at a recent Meeting of the Landmark and Heritage Commission.

Brusly Books

Copies of Brusly Landmarks, featuring Brusly homes over 50 years old, are on sale for $12.00 each at Town Hall during regular business hours. Also available, for $10.00 each, are copies of Brusly 1901-2001: A Place to Call Home.

Trash Pick-up Schedule Changes

No trash pick-up:
July 4, 2012
Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22nd
Christmas Day, Dec. 25th
New Year’s Day, Jan. 1st (2013)

* * REMINDER * *

Brush Pick-up Schedule

During the week which begins with the 2nd MONDAY of each month, until completed


Reflective numerals to mark residential and business addresses are available for $10.00 at the Brusly Fire Station on East St. Francis St. Reflective signs are required by parish law so that fire, police and other emergency personnel may easily find a location, especially at night.

Flags Of Brusly

The Town of Brusly is reopening the “Flags of Brusly” program. A $100.00 donation in the name of a service person, living or deceased, helps to defray costs associated with replacing American flags which fly along LA Highway 1, inside Brusly Town limits, on specific patriotic holidays.Additionally, each veteran’s name and service branch will be engraved on a metal plate which will be placed in the large display case near the front of Brusly Town Hall. The service person in whose name the donation is made does not have to be, or have been, a Brusly native or resident, nor does the donor have to be a Brusly native or resident. Since the Town has received many compliments on the flag display along the highway, we are proud to offer this participation opportunity to others.

You may print a copy of the form from the Town’s website and bring it in person, or mail it, along with a check or money order in the amount of $100.00 per name/flag to:
Town of Brusly P.O. Box 510 Brusly LA 70719 Call Town Hall for more information. (225)749-2909

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